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Business Texting

by voipcom in All Posts

Did you know you can get texts to your business number? Many companies don’t. If your business is cell-phone-centric, you’re probably very familiar with texting your customers. Companies that mainly use handsets and cordless phones, however, rarely think about texting. After all, those kind of phones can’t send texts.

Certain providers (like us!) solve this problem by allowing integration with software to allow texting through a computer or cell phone.

  • Basic When a customer texts your business number, it’s converted to an email and sent to your inbox. From there, you can call them back (texting back is not an option through your email because it’s, well, your email.)
  • Intermediate If you want to text back and forth with a customer, a phone or computer app such as Bria Stretto that integrates with your phone service (like ours!) allows back-and-forth one-on-one texting with a customer
  • Advanced Integrate with Slack, and form texting chatrooms with employees, customers, or both.

Being able to text with customers isn’t super huge, I’ll admit. However, it definitely has its advantages, such as:

  • Not losing customers who decide to text your number instead of calling it like a normal person.
  • Being faster; if, for whatever reason, you need a customer to send you something, it’s often faster if they can just text your business number.
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