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Cell phones in your business phone system

by voipcom in All Posts

Most business phone systems are one of two styles. #1: the most common kind is a bunch of handsets and/or cordless phones, all connected to one phone number. #2, another variety is a bunch of employees with cell phones, each with a different phone number.

Option number 2 totally stinks. Really, it’s important to have one phone number.Unless your company is so small one cell phone can handle everything, you customers will quickly get confused by all the different phone numbers. Option number 1 is pretty good; it does work well for most offices.

But sometimes, it’s good to have an actual cell phone in the system! There are quite a few advantages to this.

  • Portability If your cell phone functions as a business phone, you can always receive or make business calls, anywhere, anytime
  • Follow me A handset with follow me enabled can dump calls to a cell phone, meaning calls don’t get lost! (Read more here.)
  • Cost effectiveness Handsets can be expensive sometimes. Using cell phones, which everyone already has, means you can cut out the cost of the equipment
  • Contractors If you’re a business like a salon, realty group, or other company with lots of highly mobile, independent workers, cell phones hooked into a phone system allow customers calling in to your main number to simply dial an extension to reach who they want.
  • Texting As great as handsets are, you can’t text on them. A cell phone integrated in your phone system can receive and send any texts coming into your business number.

As you can see, having an integrated cell phone allows you to take the best of both worlds – handsets and cell phones!

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