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Want a call system tailored exactly to your needs? With our platform, we can make any simple or complex logic system you’d like! We have many ways of using this.

Auto Attendant

With auto attendant, all incoming calls go to a computer that guides callers to who they need to speak with (i.e “Push one for sales, push two for tech support”). This saves both your customers and your business time.

Find me/Follow me

Essentially, “Find me/Follow me” refers to a flow of which phones ring when a call comes in.

For example:

  1. A customer calls the business, so the office phone starts ringing
  2. After two rings, the workshop phone also starts ringing too.
  3. Two more rings, and the owner’s cell phone begins to ring as well.

When configured to your needs, this helps get calls answered quickly.

Day-Night modes

A powerful tool, Day-Night modes allow you to change all your logic settings based on time of day.

  • Have a daytime auto attendant and an after-hours auto attendant, with different greetings and routing settings
  • Forward different calls to different phones based on time of day
  • Change the Find me/Follow me flowchart to ring different phones

The best part? All three of these are included with your plan! This means you can mix, match, and combine functions to tailor a system to exactly what you need.

Example of usage:

Someone calls to place an order with a bakery. The office phone rings; no one answers, so the kitchen phone begins ringing. A cook answers, greets the customer, and promptly transfers the call to the salesman’s cell phone.

A customer with an emergency leak issue calls a plumbing company during the night. The after-hours auto attendant greets them, explains that they are calling after-hours, but prompts them to push 1 for emergency issues. The customer presses 1, and the call is routed to the night-shift technician’s cell phone instead of the office phone, meaning the customer gets help immediately.