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Let’s face it: fax machines are majorly outdated. Yet, since many customers and companies still use them today, most businesses have at least one.

Want to upgrade? With Voipcom, we include eFax, a tool that majorly streamlines sending and receiving fax messages.

How does it work? Simple: when someone sends a fax to your fax number, it is converted into a PDF and sent to your email. You don’t even need a fax machine at all to have your eFax.

Sending a fax is just as easy – go to a provided URL, upload a PDF, and enter the recipient’s fax number to send your message

Why is this better? It helps in several ways, including

  • Ease of use Emails are way easier to use than a fax machine! Plus, you can check your fax from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device – you don’t have to be at your office.
  • Ease of transfer eFax emails you a digital file of the fax, so you can print as many copies as you like when you like (or none at all, since you can read it from your email). Plus, if you want to send the message to someone else, simply forward the email!
  • Cost cutting With no need to buy a fax machine, ink, or paper, you can free up money and desk space with eFax.
  • No clogged fax machines Ever had to tell a client to hold off on sending a fax due to your machine being busy with a different message? eFax has no such limitations! You can accept as many massive faxes as you want, since your email is never “busy”.

Ready to turn in your fax machine and make your business even more time and cost efficient? We can make that possible!