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Along with our larger amenities, we offer a variety of smaller services in our package.

Hold Music

Instead of silence or beeping while a customer is on hold, you can choose audio files to play as hold music, along with a greeting to chime in every so often. You can even have music play, instead of the ring noise, when someone calls your company!


Ever get sick of spam calls? So do we! With Blacklist, you can block all incoming spam calls, along with any other numbers you choose.


Eavesdrop allows call system administrators to listen in on any active calls in the system from their extension, without being noticed.

9-11 Alert

If anyone in your system dials 9-11, you can immediately get a notification (via email), along with a link to listen in on the call (Eavesdrop style).


Got a lot of calls coming in? Load them into queues! This allows large amounts of calls to be held and then answered in the order they arrived.