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Our platform offers a variety of features, both augmenting calls and adding extra amenities.

All of our features are totally included in our flat rate with no extra charge whatsoever.

Call Features

Have all calls in your system recorded, allowing you listen to them or download the audio file.

Voicemails left on your business number are transcribed, and emailed to your inbox along with an audio attachment of the message.

Security is important with business phone calls. TLS Encryption means your calls won’t be tapped or hacked.

Calls coming into your system can be processed and forwarded based on time of day, caller ID, and more.

Our VoIP platform transport can transport crystal-clear high-definition audio so your calls sound perfect.*


Got spam callers? Our extensive blacklist bans all known junk calls, majorly cutting down on spam

Give your calls some personality with custom hold music! Pick any song(s) you want to play while a customer is on hold.

With an auto attendant, you can free up your receptionist by having a computer answer the phone and forward calls.

Seamless Transfer

We enable blind or attended transfer to phones in the system, or external devices, so calls get to where they need to be.

Masked Caller ID

Calls placed out of handsets or integrated cell phones show whatever caller ID you choose, hiding your phone number.

Our entire platform is hosted over the internet, meaning our system is super lighweight and easy to customize.

Have multiple offices? Work from home sometimes? Our system makes multi-site connection a cinch.

Mobile Integration

Cell phone integration lets your mobile device function as a handset or other phone in the system.

Computer Integration

Computers can be phones too! We connect with desktop computers, and allow them to function as a phone.

Integrated cell phones can send and receive texts through the business number. without showing their ID.

Like Slack group texts? We integrate with Slack so you can take your business texting to the next level.

Other Features

Send and receive faxes, but without an outdated fax machine! Incoming faxes are emailed to your inbox.

Have loudspeaker, strobe lights, and more hooked into your system so you can page employees and customers.