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Four awesome uses for an auto attendant

by voipcom in All Posts

Having an answering  machine is pretty useful in a lot of ways! Since customers theoretically call you 24/7, and expect some kind of an answer, having a robot answer the call instead of a person is very helpful.

If you’re lucky enough to have a provider that supports auto attendants (which we do!), here are four awesome ways to use your robot receptionist!

  1. Departments. Pretty much the basic use of an auto attendant, a “press 1 for x, press 2 for y” style menu can give customers an easy way to quickly reach different departments (sales, customer service, etc).
  2. Employees. Alternatively, it can be used to reach particular employees in the business (“Press 1 for Joe, Press 2 for Doctor John”). Using this saves both your receptionist and your customer time!
  3. Day/Night modes. Program your auto attendant to respond to time of day! If a call comes in during business hours, have a different greeting (perhaps a menu, or just directly ring your phone). At night (and maybe during the weekend) the auto attendant could tell customers they are calling after hours, and send them to the voicemail box.
  4. Robot repellent. Junk calls never make it past the auto attendant (for whatever reason). If you have an auto attendant equipped, spammers will no longer terrorize your peaceful office!

The best part? Auto attendants can provide all four of these at once! And once you’ve tailored one for your business, you’re sure to notice the difference.

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