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How to stalk your employees with your phone system

by voipcom in All Posts

(Okay, maybe stalk is the wrong word, since you do have the right to keep tabs on your employees. So, let’s call this “How to Rightfully Keep Tabs on Your Employees with your phone system”.)

Anyway, this is a manger-only guide on how to put your system to good (or bad) use against your workers!

  1. Active Call Viewing From a website, you can see every single call currently active in your system, along with who is calling and who the call is going out to.
  2. Call recording Very common, but still worth pointing out! Many companies record calls, and there are quite a few good reasons why. If you’re ever in a “He said, She said” dilemma with an employee, a recording can really straighten things out.
  3. Eavesdrop A very powerful and Big Brother-y tool, Eavesdrop let’s you dial in (without anyone knowing) and listen to an active call. You can even, if you desire, talk to one party involved, without the other knowing (this is useful for coaching an employee while they’re on a call with a customer).
  4. Paging From your phone (if you have this privilege, anyway), you can actually dial one or more extensions (including EVERY extension), and have your voice come out of the speakers on it – even if no one answers the phone! It works kind of like a paging system or intercom, but just through your phones.
  5. 911 Alert Less of a spying thing and more of just very helpful, 911 alert sends you an email if someone in your system calls emergency services. For district and regional managers, it could be particularly helpful to know if skittles are hitting the fan at a location.

Okay, so those features aren’t quite as invasive as you may have been hoping for. But, they still are pretty helpful!

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