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Paging through VoIP

by voipcom in All Posts

Most discussions about VoIP deal with phone calls (a phone calling another phone, in case you don’t know what that is).

Paging comes in many forms. Essentially, the goal is to address many people (as opposed to one, via a phone call, or a select few, via a conference call.).

  1. Intercom Someone can, from a phone, broadcast their voice over a speaker system.
  2. Strobe Light In some environments, a strobe light can be used to alert employees or customers, either instead of or in conjunction with an intercom.
  3. Phone Paging System administrators can page handsets in the system so they can talk out of the speaker – even if no one answers the phone! (This isn’t used very often, but is still there if you need it.)

If you already some kind of paging system in place, you probably realize how useful it is. Integration with a phone system has the added bonus of being able to call into the speakers from a phone, making paging super easy.

If you don’t already have a paging system, you may or may not need one. Paging is generally used in environments like auto and repair shops (where employees work near loud employees), stores (to call employees to particular aisles), and other places that involve addressing a bunch of employees at once.

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