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The best office phones

by voipcom in All Posts

With so many choices of phone to use in your system, it can be hard to pick what to use where.

Today, I’m going to go through a bunch of handsets and cordless phones that I really like, and point out their best spots! A bit of what I’m looking for:

  • Audio quality – how good does it sound?
  • Interface – is it user-friendly?
  • Durability – will it fall apart?
  • Looks – does it look good?
  • Price – what does it cost?

So, let’s get started!

Polycom VVX-411 Let’s start off with my personal favorite phone! All around, this is a very nice handset at a moderate price (around $175). The audio quality is crystal clear, and 12 line keys plus a color display make this phone a cinch to use. It’s super durable, and looks great anywhere.

As an all-around phone, this handset is perfect to use in practically any setting. Put it on your receptionist’s desk, an office table, or anywhere else you want a quality, nice phone that gets plenty of use.

Polycom VVX-201 Sort of the nephew of the aforementioned VVX 411, the 201 operates identically in terms of quality and durability. The only loss is in interface and looks (you lose several keys, and the screen is monochrome instead of color). However, for knocking $60 off the price, it is quite a worthy sacrifice.

As a phone that, while slightly less gifted in looks and interface, delivers great quality, this is perfect for use in locations such as break rooms or workshops, with moderate usage and low visibility.

Grandstream GXP-1620 Although not the Ferrari of handsets, the GXP1620 still delivers basic requisites for a good phone such as HD audio, moderate durability, and basic but clean looks. The monochrome display and fewer line keys make the phone somewhat less user friendly (though still very easy to use for basic jobs). But, since the phone costs around $45, it’s a very good value for what you pay.

Since this phone is rather inexpensive, it’s good for use in “dangerous” areas such as workshops, kitchens, and other areas you wouldn’t want to put an expensive model. However, it is still a great phone for any place, and can be used in offices and on receptionist’s desks.

Yealink W60P One of the best values available in a cordless phone, the W60P delivers great range (from the internet base to the phone) and talk time (amount of off-base time you can talk without charging). HD Audio and a color display make this phone much better than your ordinary model, and a max 8 simultaneous calls means no matter how busy the job, this phone is ready!

This is a great all-around cordless phone with good range and battery life; stick this phone wherever you’d use any cordless model (which is generally workplaces like kitchens and salons).

Now, all the opinions I expressed here are kind of my personal preferences. Really, it’s up to you what you like. However, in my opinion, these four phones provide the best service for what you pay.

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