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Three rules of auto attendant usage

by voipcom in All Posts

Auto attendants are super useful, and make life easier for both your customers and your business. But, it can be easy to overdo it, and end up with customers cussing out your robot. So, here are three quick tips to make a great auto attendant.

  1. Don’t have too many menus! Reaching the destination shouldn’t take more than two menus. Customers who feel like they’re navigating a maze to get their call answered aren’t liable to be very happy.
  2. Don’t have overly long greeting and menus. Again, it’s important for the customer to quickly get to where they need to be. Plus, if they call often, they will eventually be super annoyed by your Shakespeare-bot.
  3. Don’t replace a human’s job with a robot. Auto attendants are pretty much for telling customers who they’re calling and routing calls. If your auto attendant is having customers say stuff, or is diagnosing service requests, you’re overdoing it! (No one likes hearing “I’m sorry, please say that again”.)

These seem pretty self-explanatory, I’m sure. However, as someone who has suffered through many frustrating calls to giant companies, I’m still pointing out these three errors sure to annoy customers.

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