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Tips on Hold Music

by voipcom in All Posts

Often, if your business is very busy, you’ll often have to stick a customer on hold until someone can handle their call. It’s important to try to minimize this, but often hold is unavoidable.

However, there are a few things you can do to make this less frustrating for the customer, meaning they don’t hang up.

  • Have hold music Some phone systems have only silence or an occasional beep while on hold. This is not good! The customer is liable to hang up in like a minute with that.
  • Have creative hold music Don’t have boring, wandering soundtracks like other companies’ hold music. Get creative! Find some songs that really exemplify your business and mood.
  • Play advertisements Customers on hold are a captive audience. You might as well brainwash them with sales messages from your company! However, you should probably try to play advertisements your customer would be interested, and as opposed to just raw “buy my stuff” messages.
  • Have a greeting chime in Having a greeting that thanks the customer for waiting on hold chime in during the music can often help ease impatience. Don’t overdo it though; if you have boring hold music, you can have it play about every 60 seconds, and much less if you play fun hold music or ads.
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