VoIP Phone Review – Grandstream

In this edition of the Voipcom Blog, we will start a series on VoIP phone reviews. There are many critical components to your phone system, however none are quite as critical as the physical phone itself. Not all phones are created equal. Not all phone brands are created equal either. In round one of this series we will look at Grandstream phones.

Grandstream has been making VoIP phones for a long time. They provide a quality, stable phone that works well. Grandstream phones are a mid range phone, they do make a few lower end models as well. Grandstream phones are suited for most business purposes.


  • Good value
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reliable and durable
  • Supports wide range of headsets and options


  • Slower processor
  • Lower quality build than other brands
  • Lower quality display

Lets take a look at a few Models

Desktop Phones


The Grandstream GXP 2135 is the stable workhorse of the Grandstream phone family. the GXP Series has been around for many years. The form factor is a great size, even providing 8 Line Key options for monitoring Park extensions or other co workers. When paired with a headset, this phone is perfect for the standard office. This is not a front line phone, since the CPU is a little slower, handling high call volume can be a challenge with this phone.


The GXP-2170 is the “executive” model of the GXP Series. With the same software base and a larger screen with 12 Line Key Options, this phone is perfect for executive desk. Easy to use and decent sound quality the GXP-2170 is a great choice


The GRP Series of phones is the carrier grade phones. These are the new line of Grandstream phones, and they have a different software base then the GXP Series. This series starts out with the GRP2612W. This phone is a small phone, with only 4 speed dials and a tiny display, this phone is best for a back office or a patient room. However what this phone lacks for in size and display, it makes up for with one Huge Feature, Built in Wi-Fi. With Build in Wi-Fi, this phone can go anywhere, all it needs is a power cord. This single feature makes this phone a real winner.


The GRP-2613 is comparable to the GXP-2135. The difference is the GRP is the newer line of phones. This phone has a very bright and nice display, and 6 Line Keys. The Processor and call handling is slightly faster than the GXP phones so this phone would work well in the front of a reasonably busy office.


In my opinion the GRP-2615 is the best overall phone Grandstream has. With 10 Line Keys and a great display. This phone is perfect for the receptionist of a busy office. Easily handing, parking, and transferring of calls makes this phone the top choice. Just like the GRP-2612W this phone also has built in Wi-Fi. Having the build in Wi-Fi is such a huge feature, it gives this phone the Top Choice for Grandstream phones.

Cordless Phones  – Analog Adaptor (ATA)

DP750 – DP720/730

Grandstream offers a series of DECT phones. DECT is a cordless phone standard that allows long range use of cordless phones. Grandstream also offers “Wi-Fi”cordless phones as well. When choosing between the 2 technologies for a cordless phone, you should always go with DECT. A DECT cordless phone will provider superior performance in every way compared to a “Wi-Fi” phone. If you are going to go the “Wi-Fi” route, I would suggest using your VoIP provider mobile app on your cell phone.  That being said, the grandstream DP7XX series of phones is a lackluster performer. The phones are slow and feel clunky. If you are looking for a cordless phone option, I do not suggest a Grandstream DP7XX series.


This is the product that Grandstream was really known for. The handytone model of Analog Adapter is a long running product that just works. This analog adapter has been on the market for ever. Rarely do they have issues. If you need a fax machine or other older phone connected, the Grandstream handytone series will work great. Do not expect it to work for alarms, or postage machines however.

As we continue this series, we will examine other phone manufacturers and models.