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Hands-on Phone System Installation

Setting up your Voipcom system is a breeze – just plug in a few cords! Need a hand? We offer expert installation to ensure a smooth transition – just let us know.

Seamless Business Phone System Installation

Local Install

Our expert technicians ensure a seamless setup process tailored to your specific needs and provide immediate on-site support when required.

Virtual Install

Shipped from our facility our phones are programmed to work right out of the box. An expert will assist you over the phone to customize the system to your needs.

VoIP Optimized

Speed and system optimization matter. We’ll help configure your office network and ensure your ISP is operating at the speeds they promised.

Save Money

Our system is simple to install. You don’t need to hire someone else to install your phone system. Our virtual installation consultants will talk you through every step.

1 Day Turn Over

Experience the efficiency and minimal disruption of installing your phones in just one day, ensuring uninterrupted communication without any downtime.

Zero Downtime

Our expert team ensures a seamless phone system installation with zero downtime, keeping your communication channels up and running without any interruptions.

VoIP Training

We provide comprehensive onsite training sessions to ensure smooth adoption of your new VoIP phones, empowering your team with the knowledge and confidence to utilize the system effectively.

Effortlessly set up your entire business system within minutes.