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Easy Number Porting

Move your current Phone or Fax number easily with a dedicated Number Porting Specialist

Keep your phone numbers with easy number porting or add new phone numbers

  • Local Phone Numbers – We have access to over 200 area codes across the USA. Whether you have a office in the area or not. For new locations, we quickly issue new numbers to help get your business started. For existing locations, we help you seamlessly port numbers from your current carrier.
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers Toll Free numbers (800, 888, 877, 866, 855) for the United States. We can also transfer your existing number to Voipcom. Fully metered pay-by-minute service is available.
  • Carrier Coordination – Voipcom’s dedicated number porting team will work with you to ensure an easy and seamless port over. By completing a Letter of Authorization and supplying your last phone bill, we will do all the work for you.
Caller ID Name - seamless number porting

We've got you covered

  • Unlimited Lines –  Unlimited Lines ensures callers never hear a busy signal. Calls can also follow you by routing to home offices, mobile devices, or more.
  • Local & Long Distance CallingUnlimited local and long distance inbound and outbound voice-to-voice calls in the USA are included in monthly phone service plans. Substantially reduces your phone bills by no longer paying for calls (minutes) or long distance.

  • Emergency ServicesVoipcom will work with you to properly register and report your phone numbers with emergency services.

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