9 Tips to Secure Your Business in 2023

Tips to Secure Your Business

The threat to your business is real. Criminals are using a multitude of techniques to steal your businesses money and data, electronically.

Criminals are attacking small businesses across the country. These businesses are having their money stolen from them, their files being crypto locked for extortion, or their data is being stolen. Small businesses are an easy target for these criminals, because most small businesses are vulnerable and do not have any systems or software in place to protect themselves.  Here is our list of 9 Tips to Secure Your Business in 2023.

1. Have a Modern NG (Next Generation) Firewall for your office

The router you have installed in your office is not offering you any security. Almost all small companies are either using the default router from the internet provider, or a very low end basic router installed for them from an IT vendor. These options offer zero security, and in fact can even be the source of some cyber attacks.  Your business should have a Next Generation (NG) Firewall installed.

2. Have an Email Security System in Place

Most companies host their email with Office 365 (Microsoft) Or G-Suite (Google). These providers are not providing you email security. Their service may offer some level of spam filtering, but many virus and phishing attempts will make it right through. Do not depend on your email service provider to secure your email. Have your security vendor implement a true email security system.

3. Anti Virus is Not Security in 2023

Your business can no longer rely on Antivirus software to provide security. The model of antivirus software is outdated. You need to have an AI Driven End Point Detection and Response (EDR) system in place. EDR Systems are designed to deal with the complexity of the modern internet attack vectors.

4. Keep Your Operating System Updated

Keeping your Operating System (Windows or Mac) is a critical action to keeping secure. Modern Operating System all automatically update, however they usually do not force you to reboot to complete the update. Make sure all your computer Operating Systems are updated and rebooted on time. Ideally you install a RMM (patch management) System and have this done automatically (patch,reboot,and alert if there are issues). Talk to your local cyber security company for more info on RMM Systems

5. Keep Your Applications Updated

When you are in your web broswer (Chrome, Firefox, etc) is there a little indicator in the corner right now telling you to update and restart? You should., many attacks occur on systems with out of date applications. Make sure you always keep all your applications up to date. If you have an RMM System in place, this will be taken care of automatically.

6. Secure Remote Workers Devices

In the modern world of remote work, security issues are everywhere. If your workers are accessing your data, you need to secure the systems they are using. Your companies security policy and systems need to extend to all workers and devices, no matter where in the world they are located. Modern EDR systems and, cloud firewall solutions, allow you to control and view the access from any device in your network.

7. Secure Company Owned Mobile Devices

Does your company provide cell phones to workers? Do you have any security on them? Do you know what apps they end user is installing, or what websites they are accessing from your company device? Attacks on mobile devices are a big problem. Your mobile devices should have the same EDR and Cloud Firewall that your workstations do.

8. Hire a Cyber Security Firm (Don’t do it alone)

Cyber Security is a vast and complex topic. It takes many years to become an expert in cyber security. Hire a dedicated cyber security company, don’t go at it on your own. The price you pay per device is much better than the cost of a security event, where you get hacked for thousands of dollars.

9. Don’t Think Your Business is Immune

This our last tip. Let’s be blunt, you are not immune. You will be targeted and attacked. It is not a matter of if, but when. Take proactive steps and work with a cyber security company and get all the proper systems in place to defend and thwart the attacker.

Voipcom provides a full suite of security products and services for your business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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