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Maintaining a reliable internet connection is essential for businesses to thrive in today’s digital landscape. At Voipcom, we offer a comprehensive Multi-Cloud SD-WAN solution designed to keep your business online during outages and ensure uninterrupted connectivity for critical applications. Let’s explore the key benefits of our service.

Seamless Multi-Cloud Steering:

With Voipcom’s Multi-Cloud SD-WAN, we simplify and automate multi-path steering, connecting your business applications and service providers with quality and connection assurance. Whether it’s voice over IP, point-of-sale, business cloud applications, or corporate applications, our solution optimizes your traffic, ensuring secure and efficient access to the right destinations.

Protect Your Point-of-Sale and Voice over IP:

Avoid the cost of downtime and revenue loss by safeguarding your point-of-sale system and voice over IP calls with Voipcom. Our solution seamlessly handles failover from one internet provider to another, ensuring continuous operation. Advanced Quality-of-Service ensures crystal-clear voice and video calls, while orders and payments receive priority delivery over other internet traffic.

SD-WAN for Copper/POTS Replacement:

Transition smoothly from legacy copper/POTS lines to modern IP transport options with Voipcom’s solution. Our overlay-plus technology ensures reliable transport, utilizing alternate path routing and diverse carrier broadband and cellular connections. Future-proof your business with an IP-based solution ready for the demands of IoT, and enjoy failover capabilities with our built-in cellular modem.

Working From Home with Quality & Assurance:

Voipcom’s Multi-Cloud SD-WAN solution addresses the challenges of remote work. Easily manage remote users, utilize existing home internet connections combined with 4G LTE backup, and ensure uninterrupted voice and video meetings. Connect remote workers to internet cloud applications and the corporate network, all with an easy and quick deployment process.

Voipcom’s Multi-Cloud SD-WAN solution empowers businesses to stay connected and productive. With our seamless multi-cloud steering, protection for point-of-sale and voice over IP, support for copper/POTS replacement, and solutions for remote work, we ensure uninterrupted connectivity and enhance business efficiency. Stay connected with Voipcom and experience the power of reliable internet connectivity. Contact us today to get started!

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