Text Message Segment Information – Calculation

What is a message segment?
A text message segment is a set amount of characters that are part or all of a text message. These characters can include normal text or emoji’s. Depending on your message type there are Two (2)  different character limits based on the content of the message:
Text Only * = 160 Character Segment  (* Note this is GSM enocded, copy and paste from a word processor or text editor can cause your text to goto 70 Character segments)
Text + Emoji = 70 Character Segment
Also keep in mind this Character count also includes the mandatory footer for Opt-Out in your messages.
How can I calculate my message segment count?
As you type your message into the message field in Voipcom Chat, there is a counter below the footer section, this tells you how many characters are in the message. This only works if you are typing plain text into this field. If you copy and paste or paste in Emoji’s this counter will not be accurate.
To get an exact count of the message segments please use the following Message Segment Calculator
Can you provide some examples?
Hello World = 11 Text Characters  (1 Segment / 160 chars per segment)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc laoreet sem ut varius finibus. Aenean eu pretium neque. Nulla nec facilisis lacus. Morbi molestie eleifend felis nisi. = 180 Text Characters (2 Segments / 160 chars per segment)
Hello 😃 = 7 Character (1 segment / 70 chars per segment)
To minimize message segments, we suggest the following:
  1. Craft your message carefully to reduce the number of characters
  2. Avoid the use of emoji’s as they cut the character count in half per segment
  3. Do not copy and paste from a word processor into the message field
  4. Use the Segment Calculator linked above

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