Customer Service Vs Self Service in Telecom

Anyone that has dealt with any large technology organization (Google, Microsoft,  etc) know that they provide self service not customer service. When it comes to your business phones and communications, this can be a pitfall for your organization. When Selecting a Communications partner for your business make sure that you choose a company that provides Customer Service, not just self service.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners do not have the experience or the time to setup and manage their phone systems. Businesses rely on a communication partner to do this with. Telecom companies range from providing very minimal features so they do not need to offer self service or customer service to full featured companies that provide a blend of excellent customer service and self service options.

Many people simply go with the low feature low service model that is usually provided from your local Cable or Phone company. These legacy companies service offers very minimal features and this reduces their need to provide customer service. However these systems are very lacking in today’s modern communication environment. Modern business requires remote workers, mobile workers, multiple offices, a legacy phone system and provider lacks in this dept.

Others may opt for the Mega Voip Providers. These companies names we all know, provide a full feature set, remote phones, mobile apps, efax, etc. The problem with these companies is that they rely heavily on self service portals. This requires the business owner to navigate how to guides, and documentation to setup and maintain their system. The result is a not properly setup system and half the features never being used as they should.

There is another option as well, a communication company that is focused on the customer and their experience. There are many of these small – medium sized providers across the country. These companies can bring you all of the features of the large voip providers, including self service portals, with the customer service you want. A good provider will take time to onboard your company, and work with you to setup your Auto Attendants, and time based routing to get the calls working as you want.

When seeking a new provider, reach out to one that you can talk to. Ask if they provide on site installation. Ask If they will configure your system for you.

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