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Business texting is rapidly becoming a mainstream communication channel. Many of your potential clients may have already sent a text message to your business number. If your business number is not text message enabled, you would never know this was occurring. 

Similar to the phone, a text message from a client is expected to be a real-time communication channel. When a customer calls your business, they expect an answer (i.e., you answer the phone, a voicemail, an auto attendant). The same goes for text messages. When a customer texts you, they expect some form of response in a reasonable time frame.  

But before we dive into how to implement business texting, let’s look at its powerful benefits and use cases. 

The Power of Business Texting 

In an era where fast response times are paramount, businesses are harnessing the power of text messaging to revolutionize their customer interactions. The possibilities of business texting are compelling, from offering swift support solutions to simplifying communication processes and projecting a polished image to enhancing customer engagement. 

Let’s delve deeper into how business texting can fundamentally transform the way you interact with customers and propel your business towards success. 

Enhancing Customer Engagement 

Use Case: Instant Support 

Business texting allows customers to quickly reach out with questions or issues, receiving prompt assistance. This instant support boosts customer satisfaction, showing their needs are prioritized. Whether it’s troubleshooting, product inquiries, or appointment scheduling, text messaging offers a convenient channel for immediate solutions. 

Streamlining Communication 

Use Case: Order Updates 

Imagine a customer placing an order and receiving real-time updates through text messages—shipment notifications, delivery estimates, and tracking details. This streamlined communication keeps customers informed without overwhelming them with lengthy emails or phone calls, creating a smoother purchasing experience. 

Establishing a Professional Image 

Use Case: Appointment Reminders 

Sending appointment reminders via text exudes professionalism and convenience. Clients appreciate the respectful yet accessible communication that text messages provide. By using clear, concise language and offering options for rescheduling, your business maintains a polished image while accommodating customer preferences. 

By leveraging business texting, you can implement these use cases to enhance customer engagement, streamline communication, and establish a professional image that resonates with today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. 

Types of Business Texting Delivery Methods 

Now that we’ve explored the potential of business texting let’s take a closer look at the various delivery methods that can seamlessly integrate texting into your business communication strategy.  

These methods ensure you’re both reachable and responsive—essential qualities in today’s fast-paced world. From the one-way convenience of “Text to Email” to the interactive nature of “Text to Application” and the automated efficiency of “Text Auto Responder,” we’ll guide you through each method’s benefits and usage scenarios. As we navigate these pathways, you’ll uncover the ideal solution that aligns with your business size, objectives, and customer preferences. 

You are probably asking, how does this even work? How do I get text messages on my business phone number? Where do the messages go? This question is valid, and nobody wants to get a text message on their office phone. There are several methods for receiving texts on your business number: 

Text to Email 

This is a one-way communication method. A customer texts your number, and the message and the sender’s details are sent to your email address. This allows you to get the customer’s contact info in your email and then Call them back 

Text to Application 

This is the preferred method of texting. Your phone system will provide you with an app (for your cell phone) or a website that you can access that allows you to have two-way communications with your customers. You would interact very similar to “chatting” with your customers. 

Text Auto Responder 

This method is more automated. You can provide your clients with “Key words” that they can text into your number, and your system will respond automatically with preset information. 

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. More advanced use cases include AI Chatbots, integration with your CRM, Integration with Slack, and many more outside this article’s scope. 

If you’re interested in unleashing the power of business texting and ensuring your business is at the forefront of this communication revolution, look no further. Voipcom can help!

Reach out to us today to activate your business phones for texting and unlock a world of possibilities. Your customers are ready to connect—are you?

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